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Cannot start Dell inspiron 1526 laptop — 4 Comments

  1. I have been all over the internet, and this same black screen problem is happening everywhere to inspiron 1526’s. The problem is the same… black screen on boot-up. The answer and solutions vary, but the most common one is the cmos battery.

    So is there a step by step process to follow so i can replace this battery? I’m not a computer technician, and I don’t want to screw up my laptop. However, everyone makes it sound like it’s an easy fix.

    Also, I’ve read that this action may be necessary:
    1. Reseating the processor.

    2. Replacing the system board.

    3. Replacing the processor.

    Again, is there a “how to” out there?

  2. Hi Christian,

    My answer to you is: if you are not a technician, then you run a very real risk of stuffing up your laptop.

    I followed Dells tech guide, and it was very difficult, with many pitfalls for the inexperienced.

    I’d say: if you cannot find the step by step guide yourself, then there is no way you should even try to do this yourself.

  3. Hi Christian:

    I have to agree with computer help. It is a legit fix, I was having that problem and replacing the coin cell battery worked like a champ. However, my brother, who is a computer professional, did it and I was biting my nails the whole time. You have to literally tear the computer apart, unplugging cables, etc. along the way. There is a lot of room for damage if it’s not done correctly. Now I’m having the “plugged in not charging problem (Probably unrelated.)Good luck!