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Google Chrome: a quick evaluation — 6 Comments

  1. Hey there. I’m currently using Firefox and don’t have any qualms about it. However, I have been thinking about changing it up to Chrome but I don’t hear many good things about it. I guess because it’s still the new kid on the block, many people are bashing it. Later.

  2. Luigi

    Like you, I’ve used MyIE and later Maxthon for many years. Lately I’ve gone to Chrome. It’s not yet my default browser, but getting close to it. It’s now my browser of first choice for most of my browsing.

    I dislike Firefox for several reasons.

    Initially I didn’t take too kindly to Chrome. As you say, it has few options.

    But I’m getting used to its tags at the top. And I must say that it’s vastly quicker, both to initiate, and to load new links, than Maxthon. I haven’t noticed any borders on mine, so don’t quite know what you mean. It seems quite intelligent, in that I think it must start to prefetch the next link after it figures out your browsing pattern for each site. That impresses me greatly. It doesn’t seem to just prefetch indiscriminately, which of course can be a huge waste of bandwidth.

    Its security handling and filters seems a bit more intelligent than Maxthon.

    As a confirmed Maxthon-lover, I suggest you stick with Chrome for a little while, maybe as your alternate browser, until you get a proper feel for it.

    With a bit more configuration options, it would be my first choice. But then, of course, it may not be so lean. I guess we can’t have it both ways.


  3. I have used chrome since its release and I love some things about it and hate some as well.

    I guess it is at its infancy and some bugs haven’t been worked out yet. Give it a year or so and maybe you can check chrome back.

  4. There is a themes gallery for Chrome. There’s not many, but I suspect you can customize your own.
    As I said before, I am a Chrome user. I like that it handles many tabs efficiently. I don’t use toolbars or widgets, and barely use bookmarks so Chrome’s limited interface is all I need.

  5. I like firefox,and that is what I use as my browser.I’ve tried Chrome,Safari,and a couple others.I found that firefox suites me best.

  6. I have been using Chrome for almost two months now and recently went back for one day to using Firefox. I am now back to Chrome.

    No doubt in my mind as a blogger/EC card dropper that needs the browser to be fast and could care less about bells and whistles, add ons, etc. Chrome leaves Firefox in it’s dust. I spend half the amount of time using Chrome to browse and open sites then if I were still using Firefox.