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How to secure your WiFi wireless home network — 5 Comments

  1. Hi thanks for telling me about to secure the wifi at home. I really want to do this as my neighbours use my internet through wifi but am unable to secure it. But by using this i will definitely protect my internet server from any misuse.

  2. Nice tutorial. Good idea to change the default wireless network name like you have done with Liberty. Advertising the make of router just gives possible hackers more info to help them.

    The default router login password (usually password/admin/blank) could be changed too – but remember what it is or you will need to reset the router and start over.

  3. TechLogon: from bitter experience: NEVER change the default router login user/password.

    The vast majority of people WILL forget the password, which amounts to a LOT of extra work (particularly if you have a WiFi modem router… you need to re-enter your ISP settings, your WiFi setting, and any other changes you have made)… its just not worth it, when someone needs physical access to the router to bypass this security measure.

  4. Good Article! Changing the default setting is a must these days with signals getting better and better and people snooping AP’s. Change passwords, IP LAN ranges and subnet mask’s and secure with the best WPA encryption you can

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