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windows 7 Stop 0x000000f4 — 3 Comments

  1. I usually never bother with Windows 7 repair installs. They tend to be more trouble than they’re worth.

    I had a really frustrating reinstall the other day too actually.. a new Toshiba laptop which would not play nice with my Windows 7 disc. The client didn’t have a recovery disc, and turns out that unless you install from the Toshiba recovery media you cannot activate Windows. Ka-ching for Toshiba! Talk about annoying!

  2. Windows 8 performs GREAT on my 5 yr old Sony Vaio. The machine is so much faster than when I was using Windows 7. I had my doubts but now I’m a fan. I will definitely be upgrading my machines as well as grabbing a Win 8 tablet or hybrid.

  3. Indeed a mess. If startup repair or bootrec commands from the repair console don’t work, I wipe, reload and restore too.

    On the upside, these customers are more likely to purchase an external hard drive once I demonstrate the wonderful backup included in Windows 7

    I’m waiting to see how badly Microsoft breaks this in 8.