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Where is view source gone in Firefox 6 ? — 5 Comments

  1. a couple of people have said that they did not like FF6 and wished they still had 5.so I’m sticking with the current version that I have 5.0.1.

  2. Thanks, I was wondering where it had gone too! I suppose putting it under Web Developer makes some sense as it is not used by everyday users.

    @Mike – the trouble with staying on 5.0.1 is that FF5 is no longer being updated (at all) whereas FF6 includes a large number of critical security fixes – that you won’t have…

  3. I was using the entrecard and adgitize relocator, but it doesn’t work anymore.

    Any advise?

  4. Im using FireFox 10 now and i dont notice any improvements, only the annoyances. Im so used to viewing page source via menu – > VIEW > “view page Source” (which isnt there anymore) but automatically keep selecting “Full Screen” view for some reason I cant fathom. They dont look anything alike – but it is located where “view page source” used top be. Page Source is now under TOOLS > Web Developer > Page source – which is doubly annoying if you install the “web Developer” addon – because then you have two menu items the same.
    I wish these so called User Infercae Nazis would provide an easy way for us end users to revert when we dont like there nancyboy ideas.